Nudge Thinking: Cure-all or all too hard?

Event Date: 
21 March 2017
Pan Pacific Hotel
207 Adelaide
Perth, WA 6000

Keynote by Harvard Professor, Michael Hiscox.

Visiting Harvard Professor, Michael Hiscox, keynotes this session. Professor Hiscox is presently on secondment to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet where he has established the Behavioural Economics Team (BETA).

Here in Western Australia, a number of agencies undertake behaviour change projects on a daily basis. ‘Nudge’ thinking offers those organisations, and many more, the opportunity to improve the effectiveness of their work. Nudge draws on research from behavioural economics, psychology, and neuroscience to understand how humans behave and make decisions in everyday life.

Public servants engaged in policymaking need to develop a set of skills and tools that are adaptive and responsive to the complexity of modern policy issues. Nudge has been trialled in a wide range of policy areas including water consumption, taxation, and health across a number of different countries. It promises much but is it worth the effort? Join us to find out.

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