NGIS - Introduction to ArcGIS

Event Date: 
20 March 2017 to 22 March 2017
$1 600.00
NGIS Head Office
53 Burswood Road
Burswood, WA 6100

This practical 3-day course provides participants with a comprehensive introduction to the ArcGIS desktop software, equipping them with the necessary skills to be able to utilise the core functionality of the ArcGIS package. The exercises will introduce participants to the applications that comprise ArcGIS; ArcMap for visualising and editing data, ArcCatalog for data and metadata management, and ArcToolbox for geoprocessing. On completion, participants will have a sound understanding of basic geospatial concepts and the skills to create, edit and work with geospatial data using the ArcGIS software package.

No previous experience with ArcGIS software is required, although experience with using Microsoft Windows is essential.

* ArcGIS basics including the ArcMap Map Document, an introduction to layers, the ArcCatalog interface and viewing attribute data for layers.
* Navigating in ArcMap: Utilising the pan and zoom tools to move around data in ArcMap, using the Magnifier and Overview window to improve the ease of navigation, and creating spatial bookmarks.
* Displaying data in ArcMap: Moving and grouping layers of data, specifying display and reference scales.
* Coordinate Systems in ArcMap: Setting and changing coordinate systems for viewing layers in ArcMap, specifying the coordinate readout format.
* ArcCatalog Functionality: Perform specific GIS data searches, view and edit metadata for datasets, create data connections, and preview datasets before adding them into ArcMap.
* Internet Data Sources: Streaming live GIS data from internet sources directly into the ArcMap Map Document.
* Exploring Attribute Tables: Viewing, querying and calculating values for tables.
* ArcMap Symbology: Using the suite of ArcGIS symbols and symbology tools to effectively portray the features from respective datasets, displaying data by categorising features and setting layer transparency.
* Advanced Querying: Query data using SQL query statements, use spatial queries to select features with respect to other features, join tables together based on common fields.
* Creating Data: Create Shapefiles, setup Geodatabases with attribute domains and feature classes, and import data into a Geodatabase.
* Editing Spatial Data: Create point, line and polygon features using the array of editing tools in ArcMap.
* Creating a Map: Setup a page layout, create grids, legends and scale bars, export a finished map product.


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