NGIS: ArcGIS for Mining and Exploration course 24-26 July in Perth

Event Date: 
24 July 2017 to 26 July 2017
$1 950.00
NGIS Head Office
1A/53 Burswood Road

This 3-day ArcGIS for Mining & Exploration course has been especially designed for geologists, environmentalists and geoscientists working in the mining and exploration industry. The course uses geospatial datasets, aerial photography, drilling results specific to the mining industry, and practical exercises that are typical of the tasks and problems faced by those modelling spatial information in mineral exploration and production.

No previous experience with ArcGIS software is required, although experience with using Microsoft Windows is essential.

Course Contents:
- ArcMap Basics: An introduction to the ArcMap application interface and the main tools used to view and navigate datasets, including utilising the Magnifier and Overview windows.
- Exploring Datasets with ArcCatalog: Using the search function in ArcCatalog to search for datasets based on attribute and geographical properties; previewing datasets, connecting to data locations and working with metadata.
- Working with Map Documents: Creating and saving ArcMap Map Documents; creating spatial bookmarks and interrogating the map to identify features.
- Creating Layers from Datasets: Add and symbolise datasets to create functional layers in ArcMap; set coordinate systems; georeference imagery and create labels.
- Symbolise Geoscientific Data: Create a field observations point layer from a comma separated text file; use an observation attribute to set the angle of symbols; create and symbolise a faults line layer.
- Internet Data: Search and load datasets into ArcMap from multiple locations, including servers from the Department of Mines and Petroleum in Western Australia.
- Create and Edit Datasets: Create shapefiles and Geodatabases; create points, lines and polygon features; explore snapping and advanced editing of tenement data.
- Exploring Attribute Tables: Joining tables; creating summary data; creating new columns and editing cell values for tables; and creating table queries.
- Making Maps: Set up and create an effective and functional map using insets and overviews, incorporating titles, legends, grids and graticules and scale bars.
- Graphs: Create graphs, represent drillhole assays and collar data within ArcMap and then present the graphs on a map layout.
- ArcToolbox: View and utilise a sample of the many wizard driven tools available in ArcToolbox, such as intersecting, defining a coordinate system for a layer, appending features and creating a new dataset.

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