Myths and Realities: Is Gen Y really ready for the twenty-first century?

Event Date: 
16 May 2012
The Melbourne Hotel
942 Hay Street
(Cnr Milligan)

Barbara Combes   This presentation discusses some of the findings of a PhD study on the information-seeking behaviour of Generation Y and the need for workplace stakeholders to become more involved in teaching Generation Y how to use the electronic environment effectively, efficiently and appropriately.

Research findings from around the world have supported reports from universities and schools which indicate that the students from Generation Y are not as tech-savvy as portrayed by the world’s media and large Internet software providers.

If this is the case, then assumptions being made currently about the information-seeking behaviour of this age group need to be re-assessed to ensure that tomorrow’s citizens do not become the digital refugees of the future.

Future proofing for both the current and future generations is essential in a world where Governments are increasingly committed to the provision of essential services and information wholly online; the globalisation of business means a growing reliance on the Internet to conduct transactions, connect with personnel and market product; and the ability to cope with the shifting technological and information landscapes is a key skill. 

Institute for Information Management
9473 1001
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