Morning Startup at Spacecubed - GovHack Perth

Event Date: 
03 June 2015
45 St Georges Terrace

GovHack Perth – How an open data movement is helping entrepreneurs to innovate in and with the public sector in WA

GovHack is an annual open data competition held across Australia and New Zealand, drawing together people from industry, government, academia and the wider public to mashup, reuse, and remix government data in new and useful ways.

At this week’s Morning Startup GovHack Perth Committee members will discuss the implications of the GovHack movement in Western Australia, and what a new Open Data Policy means for innovation in the State.

An open panel discussion and Q&A will address:

· Some of the key principles behind GovHack as an example of a grassroots movement that is inspiring change in the public sector, and providing opportunities to entrepreneurs.

· Changes that are taking place in the way Western Australian Government agencies manage and promote data as a resource to drive innovation and efficient service delivery.

· Opportunities for change in the way the Western Australian Government procures services, and draws upon the talents of local entrepreneurs and startups.

· Examples of citizen use of government data in other jurisdictions to illustrate the kinds of applications, tools, and businesses that could emerge in Western Australia.

· How the Western Australian Government can create an environment where innovators and small developers work with agencies to deliver services.

· What the Government can do to smooth the path, and actively encourage, local entrepreneurs to tender to deliver Government services.

GovHack Perth will take place from 3-5 July at Spacecubed. For more information and early registration visit:

Morning Startup Perth
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