Morning Startup: The Minnovare Story

Event Date: 
22 April 2015
45 St Georges Terrace

Callum McCracken is the Managing Director and co-founder of mining technology firm Minnovare, founded in 2012 for the purpose of developing, producing and distributing the Azimuth Aligner®.

The Azimuth Aligner® is a device that aligns drill rigs, automating what is traditionally a manual, labour intensive and inefficient process, significantly improving ‘bit on bottom’ time, safety, efficiency and overall drilling productivity. Globally, within the context of the mining industry alone, the productivity benefits translate to potential savings of up to $350 million per annum.

In under three years the company has brought to life a technological advance from concept to its acceptance and use by major mining and civil engineering companies in Australia, North America, Europe and Africa. Minnovare has been acknowledged by both the mining and civil construction industries with award recognition, most recently winning the prestigious Australian Technologies Competition’s Mining Technologies Award.

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