Masterclass 2 - Div 35 Non Commercial Losses

Event Date: 
09 June 2015
Norton & Smailes
38 Colin St
West Perth

Division 35 is complex. It is concerned broadly with the nature of business activities and deducting losses from a business activity against other assessable income of the taxpayer. It is a highly controversial area of the tax law because its strict operation can result in unfair outcomes for taxpayers, as illustrated by recent decisions of the AAT. Diana Velevski, Standpoint Legal, will focus your attention on the conditions required to be met when the Commissioner’s discretion is required in the situation of deducting a loss when the taxpayer is a high wealth individual. As with many other parts of the tax law, there is an order, a process and a series of exceptions to work through, complicating the application of the tax law.

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