Managing supply chain risk

Event Date: 
30 August 2018
Governance Institute of Australia
Ground Floor, 8 Victoria Avenue

Outsourcing, offshoring, instant communication, lean production methods and more have increased and compounded every sector’s exposure to supply chain risk. This workshop offers a useful guide to managing supply chain risk. You will explore the risks that could be lurking in your supply chain and identify questions you can ask to expose risk to your organisation.

This workshop is for directors and governance professionals who need to understand how supply chain risks can impact the organisation, and provide oversight in managing those risks. It is not intended to be a deep dive into step-by-step supply chain risk management required by a procurement manager or risk manager.

Key insights:
- Identify your legislative and regulatory responsibilities for supply chain risk management.
- Recognise the potential risks in your supply chain.
- Examine strategies for managing supply chain risks.
- Evaluate your organisation’s existing framework for managing supply chain risks and identify opportunities to strengthen.

You’ll benefit from attending if you are a director, senior executive, governance or risk management professional.

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