Managing Workplace Change in a Challenging Economy

Event Date: 
26 November 2015
Allion Legal
Level 9, 863 Hay Street

Practical tips to manage your legal obligations in a challenging economic climate

The current business downturn has left many employers with some hard decisions to make in relation to their workforces. Restructuring is widespread and the days of very generous remuneration and benefits are a thing of the past. How quickly things change!

So how do employers ensure these changes are able to be achieved without leading to disputation, non-compliance and a disengaged workforce?

In this seminar we provide practical guidance on how to achieve necessary workplace changes in a risk free and sustainable manner, including:
* Change strategies including restructures, redundancies, changes to terms and conditions of employment and insourcing/outsourcing
* Legal obligations including how to deal with inflexible provisions in enterprise agreements, modern awards and/or contracts of employment
* Implementation processes, planning for change and managing consultation and notification processes
* Key legal risks and mitigation strategies, how to effectively mitigate your risk of adverse action, unfair dismissal and other claims when making workplace changes.

Beth Robinson, Senior Associate, Allion Legal

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