Managing Risk in Small Business

Event Date: 
14 August 2018
Frye Park Pavilion
Clifton Street

Managing Risk in Small Business

Do you know how to identify and manage risks effectively in your business - not only risks relating to safety? Are you often forced to "fight fires" whilst trying to run your business? Are you trying to grow your business but do not know how to identify risks and opportunities?

This workshop is designed for small business owners who would like to learn more about identifying and managing risk across the whole spectrum of business including financial, operational, growth and safety.

The workshop:
- provides participants with an overview of the risk management process from identification to management, prevention and mitigation of risks
- demonstrate to participants how to implement good risk management practices as part of their business planning and operation

Participants will have the opportunity to work through a mini risk assessment as part of this hands-on training to teach small business how to use risk management to improve business operation and reduce the requirement for "fighting fires".

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