Making Your Company a Home for Talent

Event Date: 
29 August 2013
Leadership Centre, AIM WA
76 Birkdale Street, Floreat

Event Overview

Your most sustainable competitive advantage is your people.

No other factor drives success like it.

So how are you creating an environment within your company where talent can live, grow, sustain and prosper? AIM WA is delighted to present its members with a unique opportunity to address this challenge.

A Home for Talent will focus on practical and applicable advice on how to turn your environment into a hot bed of productivity and creativity through clever candidate attraction, recruitment and on-boarding tips.

Focus areas will include:

Talent spotting every day

Cloning your existing stars

Creating a culture of brilliance, not mediocrity

The power of referrals

How talented candidates want to experience the selection process

Avoiding the search, selection, disillusion phenomenon

For those that attended the very popular AIM WA Sundowner 'Winning the Talent War' presented by Brian Briscoe in 2011, you will know that Brian is committed to delivering "Next Day Applicable Value" – i.e. you will be able to put smarter, more effective approaches into action straight away that will increase your success in this area.

Invest an evening of your time to learn how to improve your skills in the most important resource in your business.

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