Making Leaders: leveraging employee potential for leader development

Event Date: 
15 June 2016
UWA Club
2 Hackett Drive

The College of Organisational Psychologists WA and Coaching Psychology Interest Group WA would like to introduce our next event of the year. We are proud to present Dr Andrea Steele who is a Scholarly Teaching Fellow at Murdoch University’s School of Psychology and Exercise Science.

This presentation will look at the ways in which employers can leverage the leader developmental potential of their employees. Dr Steele’s own research will be presented, as well as findings of best practice in the early identification of individuals who are likely to excel in leadership positions. This presentation will also provide a focus on organisational structures that can support the growth of leadership capacity.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the seminar, attendees will be able to:
Identify some of the key characteristics that may best predict whether employees are likely to excel as leaders
Apply some strategies for bolstering employee leader development
Apply some organisational structures that may support employee leader development

About the presenter(s)

Dr Steele has completed her masters in industrial/organisational psychology at the UWA psychology department, and went on to complete a PhD in strategic management at the UWA Business School. Her research interests include leader development, identity development, self-regulation, and improving student learning outcomes through learning and teaching strategies. She has presented at a number of international conferences, including the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology and the International Congress of Applied Psychology

WA College of Organisational Psychologists
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