Making IP a valuable asset in your business

Event Date: 
01 September 2015
Governance Institute of Australia Seminar Room
Ground Floor, 8 Victoria Avenue

Learn how to make intellectual property a valuable asset in your business from three legal professionals who will discuss the following points;

Nick Stamatiou, Senior Associate, Patent & Trade Marks Attorney, FB Rice
*Types of Intellectual Property (IP) rights e.g. patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, confidential information, and trade secrets
*Reasons for obtaining IP protection
*Strategies for using IP rights as commercial leverage
*Minimising risk by conducting IP searches - IP protection vs Freedom to Operate

Tom Meagher, Director - Commercial Law, Murfett Legal
*Types of IP Contracts e.g. IP assets transfer & sale agreements, IP license agreements, IP escrow agreements and IP holding-entity equity holder agreement.
*The jurisdiction of the contract and what that means
*The Impact of the Personal Property Securities Act in relation to IP contracts
*Employees vs. Subcontractors

Tim Martino, Senior Manager, Pitcher Partners
*The importance of identifying the entity for which the R&D is conducted (as a legislative requirement)
*The relevance of the existence and ownership of any IP as part of the R&D tax incentive process
*Situations where no IP may exist or the IP may be held by third parties and yet an entitlement may still exist
*Grants for registration and/or insurance of eligible IP

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