Mac Equity Partners - Acuity Capital Funding Briefing

Event Date: 
15 August 2013
Steves Fine Wine & Food
30 The Avenue

Acuity Capital - Company Funding Briefing
Hosted by Mac Equity Partners

Learn about the newest method of company funding

Sydney based company Acuity Capital provides capital for small and mirco cap ASX listed companies through a Controlled Placement Agreement (CPA).

Flexibility & Control
A CPA provides better results because the company is in control at all times.
The company has the flexibility to decide if, when, at what price and in what volume it raises capital.
Time, Resource & Cost Efficient
A CPA maximises cost efficiency while minimising time and effort.
No need for road shows, marketing or complex disclosure documents.
Capital Provided Immediately
A CPA provides a company with immediate access to capital.
Acuity Capital has over 20 years combined financial experience gained at Macquarie Bank.

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