Leading and Influencing in Complex Futures

Event Date: 
28 October 2013
Ground Floor, 8 Victoria Avenue

Currently, organisational challenges for organisations stretch from the simple, through the spectrum of the complex to the complicated and the seemingly intractable. In this context, the future can appear as a fog rather than as a clear set of possible futures.

Having confidence in a vision, mission and set of strategic objectives – against a backdrop of increasingly interconnected risks that combine and create new risks and new levels of risk in a completely unexpected way – offers significant challenges.

One of the main issues for organisations is that they eventually shrink back from acting in a way that fosters any kind of innovation. They fall back to what they think can succeed and avoid most risk, rather than facing it and gaining advantage from it.

As Reid Hoffman of ‘Linked In’ says ‘In a changing world, playing it safe is one of the riskiest things you can do’.

This session, delivered by Mark Humphreys (Partner with Riskwest) and Paul Higgins (Futurist with Emergent Futures), encourages Directors and Managers to challenge their own perspective, and that of their organisations, when undertaking horizon scanning, scenario planning, strategic planning and the management of emerging risk.

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