Leading Organisational Transformation: An Asia Pacific Perspective

Event Date: 
14 August 2012
Murdoch University

Productivity now key to wealth, says RBA governor Glenn Stevens - The Australian, June 13, 2012

"For businesses and their workforces and their management, that's where the productivity comes from. It's from those people everyday doing a thousand different things a bit better than yesterday.”

At the recent Prime Minister’s Economic Forum in Brisbane, Mr Stevens told business and trade union leaders that to compete in current and emerging conditions, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, Australian firms need to produce more for less money. “What we have to do, it seems to me, is try to compete with higher productivity. So it’s a test of adaptability.”

Leading Organisational Transformation (LOT) is a specialist forum for senior HR and general managers who wish to address such a “test of adaptability.” It explores global OT trends, issues, and challenges impacting the productivity and longer term sustainability of their organisations. The discussion will be lead by Mr Dharma Chandran, the Chief Human Resources Officer for Leighton Holdings, who is visiting Murdoch University, and Dr Scott Gardner, of Murdoch Business School. It will draw on cases from Dharma’s forthcoming book, Risky Business, and the definitive literature in the field of Strategic HRM and OT.


Following an exploration of issues and challenges surrounding global and regional HRM strategies, OT practices, and change leadership in participant’s organisations, the facilitated discussion will focus on methodologies for leading successful Organisational Transformation in different operational contexts. These OT approaches typically incorporate different aspects of HRM, Organisational Development, and Knowledge Management practices with other structural, process, and cultural interventions. The purpose is to enable effective strategy implementation and align the architecture of the firm to regional and global markets. The specific OT issues, approaches and methodologies to be discussed throughout the day will be pre-selected by the participants in a short questionnaire and personal case study template, completed in advance of the workshop.

Who Should Attend

Executive and senior managers in HR, OD, General Management and all fields with a current or forthcoming change leadership responsibility or challenge. Participants must be willing to share their expertise and either present or provide feedback on, seven minute change leadership cameos covered in the afternoon session.

Workshop Content

Relevant HR leadership and OT themes to be discussed may include:

  • What is OT and how does it differ from process based OD and other change interventions;
  • Global OT in action- Case Examples;
  • Leading scalable and sustainable change in a global competitive environment-
  • Creative disruption and innovation in Australian and Asia Pacific Organisations;
  • Global change leadership attributes and competencies;
  • Strategic approaches to implementing and communicating change;
  • The pivotal role of HR in Organisational Transformation;
  • Global and Regional best practices in Talent Management, Remuneration, and Performance;
  • Leading, Designing, and Communicating Culture change in a global or regional context;
  • Leading Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Transforming Organisations through concurrent people, process/technology and culture change;
  • Knowledge Management, Organisational Learning, and Open Innovation;
  • Key considerations for OT strategy and leadership in different sectors: Finance; Mining; Petroleum; Professional Services; Corporatised government agencies.

Workshop Benefits

Participants will gain a rare opportunity to:

  • Discuss common HR and change leadership issues, challenges and lessons learnt with senior peers from other industries and sectors;
  • Gain a shared understanding of proven approaches and the latest developments in change leadership and OT thinking and practice from experienced facilitators and peers;
  • Obtain knowledge of the tools and insights required to improve change leadership and strategy implementation in different organisational contexts;
  • Gain a global and regional perspective on OT trends from one of the top HR and Change specialists in the Asia Pacific region.



Dharma Chandran & Dr Scott Gardner

Murdoch Executive Education Centre
9360 1780
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