Knowing the Safety Risk: The Magic Looking Glass of Big Data

Event Date: 
20 May 2014
GE Skills Development Centre
631 Karel Ave

Big Data has come a long way from the nerdy basement of super computers and noisy dot matrix printers to one
of todays big business buzzwords. Chief Marketing Officers and Sales Executives have long known and used the
power of Big Data. But what about Big Data in the business of safety? What if leaders could know who was going
to get hurt next?

In this informative and entertaining presentation, we take a serious look behind the buzz at what Big Data looks
like in real life and how it is being used to improve safety. It also touches on what safety leaders are doing to
advance their data intelligence in line with their organisational maturity to break through the safety performance

Coert will provide you with real insights from Big Data safety analytics performed in Oil and Gas, Mining and
Construction as well as looking at common pitfalls, including;
• Managing the creepy line (even if you’re following the law, you can do things where people get queasy)
• Separating the role of advanced analytics from keeping score (e.g. LTIFR) to keeping people safe
• Dealing with data quality, data deluge and data scarcity
• Tips when applying the Big Data looking glass to your own data

Please join fellow IFAP Alumni and other safety and HR professionals for the opportunity to network and hear
Coert Du Plessis’ presentation ‘Knowing the Safety Risk - The Magic Looking Glass of Big Data’.

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