Kenyans in Australia: Diaspora Conference 2012

Event Date: 
08 September 2012 to 09 September 2012
The Esplanade Hotel

Diaspora Participation in the New Kenya: Be Part of Building Your Future.

This national gathering of Kenyan professionals living in Australia will explore key business, trade and investment growth industries, featuring leading Kenyan keynote speakers.

The expat networking event will assist in identifying opportunities for Kenya in Australia as well as establishing linkages between Australian traders and business people with their Kenyan counterparts.


Rationale for the Conference

The number of Kenyans living abroad is estimated at three (3) Million and is continuously on the rise.  The international migration and development debate has increasingly emphasized the impact that emigrants continue to have on countries of origin.  Indeed the Kenyan Diaspora makes significant contribution to national economic development principally in terms of remittance of funds and transfer of technology. The amount of inward-remittances was estimated at Kshs. 151.2 Billion ($1.8 Billion) in 2010 (according to the World Bank, Migrations and Remittance Fact book 2010), accounting for 5.4 % of the Gross Domestic Product.

It is also worth noting that the role of Diaspora in the development of host countries is also increasingly getting recognition, with countries such as Australia implementing targeted immigration policies that are aimed at harnessing specific skills from abroad.


Kenyans in Australia

According to Official statistics by the Government of Australia (based on 2006 Census), 9930 were registered as Kenyan-born.  Among these, 12.6 per cent arrived between 1996 and 2000 and 38.9 per cent arrived during 2001 and 2006.  Whereas the Mission maintains a database on Kenyans in Australia, there is no conclusive information on the exact numbers and the nature of the Kenyan nationals in Australia.  Nevertheless, and even though the data from the 2011 Census is yet to be released, it is expected that the number of Kenyans in Australia will be close to 15,000.  This is more so since the importance of Australia as a destination of choice among Kenyans seeking to study, live and work abroad has continued to grow.

While the Mission has endeavored to encourage effective interaction through the existing associations/forums/groups of Kenyans that are based at state/territory levels, it has however recognized the need for a mechanism through which the Government could bring them on board if the campaign to build and promote the Kenyan brand is to succeed.  To achieve this it is imperative that a structured engagement process be established in order to tap this potential.  The proposed Diaspora Conference is therefore envisaged as a step towards setting in motion a mechanism to mobilize Kenyans living in Australia for National Development of Kenya.
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