Keep Calm and Carry on? Economic and Investment Outlook with Brian Parker, Chief Economist, Sunsuper

Event Date: 
17 March 2016
Level 8
235 St Georges Terrace

The global financial crisis ended in 2009, but even today casts a long shadow. Financial market sentiment remains very fragile: world share markets started 2016 badly. Rather than keeping calm and carrying on, investors continue to take fright over a range of concerns; both economic and geopolitical.

Brian Parker is the Chief Economist of Sunsuper, a major Australian super fund with over a million members, and over $34 billion in assets under management, so he looks at the world through the eyes of an investor. The purpose of the presentation is not just to look at the outlook for the world and Australian economies, but also to focus in on those risks and opportunities that matter most for future investment returns.

Brian Parker

Brian joined Sunsuper in June 2015 as Chief Economist. Prior to joining Sunsuper, Brian worked in a series of economics, portfolio management, and communications roles with a range of firms, including Rothschild, JP Morgan, Citigroup, MLC, and the Reserve Bank of Australia, in a career spanning nearly 25 years. Brian has an honours degree in economics from the University of Queensland, where he also taught macroeconomics, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He is a regular guest on Sky Business. In addition to his investment day job, he presents on economic and investment matters to a wide range of audiences across Australia, and over the years has addressed audiences across Asia, and in New Zealand, France, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, and the UK. In his spare time he enjoys arguing, drinking pinot noir and taking long walks in the rain.

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