It’s not all Black and White – National Cultural Diversity Tour

Event Date: 
21 November 2014
Rydges Perth

ISA director Tony Shaw and Sirius Resources Managing Director Mark Bennett have trodden incredibly different paths in life, so they may seem like strange bedfellow at first. Mark is an Englishman who has been involved in the Australian Mining industry since the late 1980’s, while Tony is one of the stolen generation who now represents Indigenous people around Australia in land access and heritage agreements.
But scratch the surface and you‘ll find their shared experiences have shaped a strong relationship and ignited a passionate desire to create a step change in the cultural and commercial engagement of Aboriginal people. Tony will draw from his own life experiences as a member of the stolen generation who experienced 15 institutions before he was 15 years of age, his journey with Mark, and many other case studies to provide his unique perspective of Aboriginal Australia. The workshops will also cover topics including the significance of skin grouping, the challenges of labor force participation and communication with Indigenous people and the need for modern day core values within the Indigenous community.

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