Indonesia: Asia's other dragon? Opportunity or challenge

Event Date: 
15 May 2012
Parmelia Hilton

Indonesia is becoming a critical investment climate with two recent investment ratings upgrades, and one from Standard and Poor’s hanging in the balance. It is a key topic in boardrooms in Australia and internationally.
Australia's Ambassador to Indonesia Greg Moriarty will offer an assessment of the current economic and business climate in Indonesia. He will advise how Australian companies can utilise their knowledge of the Indonesian market and their first class standards to realise profitability and assist in Indonesia's economic development.
Ambassador Moriarty will survey the regulatory situation in Indonesia and assess possible scenarios, including in the agriculture, horticulture, services and mining sectors.
He will then discuss how Australian companies can utilise their competitive advantage to reinforce their position as preferred investors with all levels of government.
The situation in Indonesia may appear uncertain to some but Australian companies with a long-term presence in the Indonesian market are maximising their profitability and growing at a rapid rate. Can Australian companies, with all of their relevant expertise and comparative advantage, afford not to be in Indonesia?


Meet the keynote speaker

Greg Moriarty
Australian Ambassador to Indonesia 

Mr Moriarty is a senior officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Prior to this appointment Mr Moriarty was First Assistant Secretary, Consular Public Diplomacy and Parliamentary Affairs Division, and Assistant Secretary, Parliamentary and Media Branch 2008-2009.

Mr Moriarty has extensive experience within DFAT and previously served overseas as Ambassador to Iran. He has served previously in Indonesia, in Papua New Guinea, and as Senior Negotiator with the Peace Monitoring Group on Bougainville.

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