IioT and the future of Instrumentation

Event Date: 
19 April 2018
Fraser Suites
10 Adelaide Terrace

This presentation will focus on one set of components in an ecosystem that will change the world of instrumentation and control.

The emergence of ubiquitous wireless smart sensors that can digitise any asset and make it ‘smart.’ These sensors are low cost, hugely capable, easy to install and are revolutionising the way we measure and control assets. Businesses big and small will be impacted and have the opportunity to unleash enormous benefits by leveraging this capability. The presentation will focus on how smart sensors are transforming the world of instrumentation and control and how they will impact strategies, processes and the way we work.

Alistair Swanson, Managing Director of Flicq Asia Pacific, is an Executive Manager with over 25 years of experience in leadership roles in Oil and Gas, Mining and Technology sectors. He has specialised in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), business transformation and delivering profitable growth. An innovator and charismatic leader with excellent governance and stakeholder management skills, Alistair has a high degree of commercial acumen and board experience in both directorial and reporting roles. He also has international experience in Africa, South East Asia, Europe and South America.

Cassandra Brennan
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