IPAA WA Hypothetical – Regulating the new economy: Kill or cure?

Event Date: 
16 September 2015
The Boundary Room, WACA Ground
Gate 2, Nelson Crescent
East Perth

IPAA WA has invited one of the outstanding presenters from the IPAA 2014 International Conference, Martin Stewart-Weeks, to deliver for us a timely and challenging hypothetical. As policy officers, regulation enforcement professionals, and other members of the public service grapple with developing effective and timely responses to new technologies and business practices in the economy, this session will provide a forum to identify the challenges and opportunities available to us in our professional endeavours.

The session outline below clearly demonstrates the potential and value for all involved in the policy development and regulation enforcement process in attending.

• Regulation
• Responsive public sector
• Adaptability
• Agile policy development

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