IPAA WA 2017 Espresso Series: International Perspectives Singapore

Event Date: 
27 April 2017
The George
216 St Georges Terrace

Test your assumptions as to what a public service looks like and how it should operate. For this session, we have invited a presenter with expertise in the political environment of Singapore to provide an overview of the context in which the public service operates. In a city-state in which business, politics, and public administration are so closely linked, Professor Rodan’s is a critical perspective for anybody seeking to understand this powerful regional economy.

Where you may often look to similar jurisdictions such as the UK, NZ and Canada for inspiration, there is much to be learnt from the dissimilar services operating elsewhere.

Professor Garry Rodan
Director, Professor of Politics & International Studies
Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University

Garry Rodan is the Director of the Asia Research Centre and Professor of Politics and International Studies in the School of Business and Governance. He is also a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. His thematic research interest is in the relationship between capitalist development, social change and political regime directions in Southeast Asia. Attempting to characterize and explain dynamic and durable forms of authoritarian rule has been a particular focus, especially in Singapore.

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