How to Take the Headache Out of Lead Generation and Convert Prospects into Highly Profitable Clients​

Event Date: 
17 August 2016
Hotel Northbridge
210 Lake St
(crn Lake & Brisbane Streets)
Northbridge WA 6003

Advertising is a very small part of the marketing picture but all too often its all people do to get new business. The problem with this is that only 3% of people are ready to buy now and if all you do is advertise you're missing out on the other 7% that are open to buy, the other 30% that have not even thought about it and the other 30% that think they are not interested but actually have no idea what value you offer them.

It's just crazy to leave 67% of your prospects out of your marketing plan and yet 95% of businesses owners are doing this without even knowing it. How much money are you leaving on the table?

​Every business needs a lead generation strategy that produces measurable and predictable results time after time.

Now by lead I don't mean someone who walks into your store or makes an enquiry. By lead I mean someone who has provided their contact details and is willing for you to take them on an educational journey over time.

However, not all leads are equal and for you to consider them a prospect they need to fit your criteria for a highly profitable client. An avatar targeted lead generation system will do most of the filtering for you.

And then there is conversion. Too many businesses try too merge it all together but it is a very different process to getting leads. You need to employ a tested and proven conversion process that builds trust and leads your prospect to the decision that it is more advantageous to give you their money than it is to keep it for themselves.

In the next Business Accelerator Workshop, on the 17th August at 6pm we are going help you to:
Map your unique lead process so that you attract qualified leads to your business;
Determine exactly who is your ideal client and identify what motivates them to buy;
Explore lead magnet options tailored to your prospects wants, needs and desires; and
Build your conversion tool so that your new problem is counting the money.

If you are a time poor business owner working from dawn to dusk in an attempt to make more money then you absolutely must come to this business education workshop. You will learn how to leverage your efforts exponentially and effortlessly attract hordes of people in pain prepared to pay you handsomely for your solution.

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