How to Speak with Twice the Impact Using Half the Effort

Event Date: 
21 October 2014
Hyatt Regency
99 Adelaide Terrace

How to Speak with Twice the Impact Using Half the Effort

Half Day Presentation Skills Masterclass Presented by Cam Barber, CEO, Vivid Learning

At this interactive half-day workshop, you’ll master the popular Vivid Method for Public Speaking - which demystifies presentation skills and shows you step-by-step how to prepare and deliver compelling presentations.


Sell Ideas:

• Communicate vivid, memorable messages - so people take action.
• Develop your persuasive skills and get more support for ideas.
• Engage the audience with natural delivery skills.
• Know how to be clear and succinct - even under time pressure.
• Manage audience interaction. Stay on track.
• Use visual aids creatively and more effectively.


Manage Nerves:

• Learn the secret to being relaxed, confident and engaging.
• Control nerves by removing the uncertainty that creates anxiety.
• Learn how to think clearly under pressure.
• Use simple tools to clarify and structure your communication.

Save Time:

• Dramatically reduce the time and mental effort required to prepare.
• Isolate a compelling Message in a fraction of the time.

The 3 parts to the Vivid Method:

1. Master the ClarityFirst Principles to manage nerves, focus your attention and think clearly.
2. Create a SpeechOutline (presentation outline) in a few simple steps. Defines your core message, structures your ideas (and storyboards your slides).
3. Learn how to give Great Explanations. Engage an audience, handle questions easily and sell ideas.

This is an interactive session where you will get guidance on real presentations. Each attendee will receive a full-colour workbook.

About our Guest Speaker:

Cam Barber is a professional speaker, as well as a speaking coach to CEOs, media personalities and sporting clubs. Clients include Telstra, Hawthorn Football Club, Steve Waugh, Jules Lund, Alastair Lynch, Disney, Nestle, Fox Sports.

His background as a radio executive helped him understand how to get inside the mind of an audience and how to trigger message recall.

Cam created the Vivid Method (for public speaking) as a response to the mechanical acting skills being taught for business presentations and media settings. Built on natural style, clients now rave about the power of Vivid Messages, the ability to relax under pressure and the simple approach that generates twice the impact with half the effort.

Registration from 8.30 am
Start 9.00 am - 12.30 pm

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