How to Embed Your Higher Purpose into Your Business

Event Date: 
22 March 2017
Cleaver St & Co.
14 Cleaver St

Most leaders now recognise the importance of having a larger purpose (or “an aspirational reason for being which inspires and provides a call to action for an organization… and provides benefit to society”) in boosting company performance, and driving engagement and innovation, yet few feel they actually operate in a purpose-driven way from day to day. Simply knowing your organisation's Higher Purpose is not enough. For it to have a real positive impact on your business, your 'why' needs to be embedded into everything you and your team does.

During this workshop, Laura and Emma will share how they brought their purpose to life into their business as well as a tonne of secrets on how the Greatest Places to Work (GPW) in Australia are doing it. You'll get the chance to meet others, share experiences on what has worked (and not worked!), and enjoy a heap of nibblies and drinks along the way.

Conscious Capitalism Australia
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