How to Attract People to Your Event!

Event Date: 
16 April 2018
ECU Mount Lawley
2 Bradford Street

The tools to create events people flock to! If you run workshops, seminars, social activities or brand launch events, then this workshop is for you!

Fill Events | Find Raving Guests | Create Profitable Experiences

With over 12 years experience in the events industry, running major festivals, conferences and seminars with world leaders including members of the royal family, gold medal Olympians and business leaders, Founder and CEO of Secrets in the Garden Amy Radunz will be sharing her secret tactics and strategies to attract avid attendees. This one-day intensive training will focus on strategies for events with a target audience of up to 200 people.

Here is what you will learn on the day:
1. Marketing strategies. You will uncover the most effective marketing strategies for varying event types including seminars, demonstrations, product launches, media events, social events and more. This training will cover social media strategies, how to attract traditional media, working with databases, creating supportive networks and looking at how to develop an effective message to attract the right audience.

2. Event Logistics. Do you have the right team on board? Are you running the right event format? We will explore how you can create event formats most effective for your return on investment, that will get people talking about your event and bringing your attendees back for more! Plus gain industry tips and tricks for negotiating with suppliers and working smarter rather than harder!

3. Mindset. The events world not only comes with unexpected changes, pressures, long hours and deadlines, but hosting an event can be a vulnerable and emotional experience. Amy will be sharing vital mindset tools and behaviours to adopt, to support you in confidently achieving impactful and inspiring events.

Secrets in the Garden
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