How Psychology adds value to Safety Improvement

Event Date: 
17 June 2015
UWA Club
Hackett Drive

There are many classic studies that we learn about as under-graduate psychology students that were interesting, but at the time seemed to lack practical implications and application.

Ronny Lardner is a psychologist whose work in the hazardous industries involves practical application of the theory and findings of these classic studies to the benefit of his clients and their employees.

In this seminar, Ronny will explore what “human factors in safety” entails and how psychology / psychologists can make a valuable contribution. He will demonstrate how selected classic psychological theories and studies have practical implications for safety. Although such studies did not directly concern safety, practical application of their theory and findings can be extremely relevant to hazardous industries.

Ronny will pick four or five examples, briefly outline each study, then explain how it is applied in his daily work to improve health and safety.

The presentation will conclude with a Q & A opportunity.

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College of Organisational Psychologists WA
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