Hire, Wire, Fire Masterclass

Event Date: 
18 April 2018
Metro Hotel Perth
61 Canning Highway

This one-day, small-group, intensive masterclass is for you if:

• You’ve got employees and know you’ve made mistakes hiring people in the past – people who promise you everything in the interview and don’t deliver in the role. People who cost you clients, damaged your reputation or made costly mistakes. You know you’re doing something wrong, but you don’t know what
• You’re ready to hire your first employee (or contractor) and want to do it right the first time round, but you’re scared you’re going to mess it up and end up with someone who’ll let you down and cost you money you can ill afford to waste
• You’ve got some employees you should never have employed: a poor performer (or two) who needs to lift their game or else get shown the door but you don’t know how to tackle it without it becoming a major confrontation
• You’re avoiding having that tough conversation with the person whose bad behaviour you’ve been tolerating for far too long and, as a result, you’re losing the respect of your other staff and worry that a mutiny is just around the corner
• You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. There’s lots of competition for employees in your space, and you’re worried you won’t find someone else with the skills you want so, much as you dislike it, you wonder if it might be better to put up with what you’ve got
• You feel stuck – you’ve plateaued. And you suspect you’re the obstacle! You’ve got a pretty good team – some of whom you’d hire again in a heartbeat – but they don’t always live up to your expectations and deep down you know that, as the leader, you’re responsible. You just don’t know how to set them up so that they’re even better than you at the jobs you thought no one could do as well as you.

In this 1-day small-group masterclass, you’ll discover:
➢ How to use a little-known marketing hack to tap talent sources your competitors don’t even know exist
➢ How to mercilessly weed out time-wasting applicants (and existing staff) BEFORE you waste hundreds of thousands in wages, super, training and time on someone who’s not the right fit
➢ The formula used by big organisations to create job advertisements and position descriptions that actually REPEL the wrong kind of people and ATTRACT only the right kind of people for your position, so that you’re picking the best-of-the-best rather than sifting out the garbage
➢ Create a customized process for recruiting that enables you to find the right person the first time round, no matter how many times you apply it and no matter who in your business applies it
➢ How to ensure your new staff succeed and grow FAST so that they’re up and running and being productive quicker at the jobs you thought no one could do as well as you, which means you get to win back more time and focus on the big picture
➢ The human psychological keys to binding your staff to you, your company, your vision, your mission, and how to motivate them so they LOVE coming to work, and you reap the rewards of loyal staff who are more committed to their jobs than you could ever have dreamed
➢ Powerful, practical techniques for those tough, performance management conversations so you’ll never have to fire messily, enter disputes, or make a severance pay ever again. Craft phrases and questions, tailored to your own business, that confront bad behaviour and effortlessly cause employees to either step up and over-perform, or tender their resignation feeling like they did the right thing with zero friction.

Your investment for this one-day, small-group masterclass includes GST, refreshments and lunch, and 50% discount for partner.

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