HITWA 2016 - digital health conference

Event Date: 
04 November 2016
Perth Convention Centre

Perth's premier digital health event is held by the HISA - Australia's digital health community.

Meet Australian health start-ups, entrepreneurs and innovators with presentations from:

Catherine Resnick, founder of Kindom, Kinchip Systems, - a mobile cloud-based parenting hub to empower parents with advice, resources and tools. Includes children’s medical records and more.
Colin Parker, - CRiS is an innovative electronic medical record solution.
Dr Justin Wong, Oncallogist. The OnCallogist™ mobile app empowers clinicians with robust task management and frictionless patient handovers.

HITWA is pleased to announce a presentation by the Australian Digital Health Agency's Dr Monica Trujillo, Executive General Manager, Clinical and Consumer Engagement and Clinical Governance.
This is a great opportunity for Perth health professionals to hear first-hand the Agency perspective on digital health consumer and clinician engagement.
Her appearance follows a visit to Perth this month by Agency CEO Tim Kelsey who met with key stakeholders.

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