HHG Boardroom Q&A — Social media and your legacy

Event Date: 
15 March 2018
HHG Legal Group
Level 1, 16 Parliament Place

Who will check-in when you check-out?

With the prominence of social media in our life – and for some, in our businesses – it’s time to consider its place in death. Have you ever thought about what happens to those accounts once you pass? Yes, it’s morbid. Perhaps not even something we want to think about; but, just like updating your will, it’s always best to be prepared for that proverbial bus. After all, your online legacy may live far beyond your lifetime.

Also, remember those terms and conditions you ‘read’ when you first joined Facebook? As it turns out, you may not have ‘ownership’ over your profile. With a focus on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, join HHG Legal Group’s Janene Bon and Alexendra Turner for an interactive Q&A session, set to answer these questions and more.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Please RSVP to and specify any dietary requirements.

HHG Legal Group
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