Graphene: the next disruptive technology or another carbon-based promise?

Event Date: 
17 June 2015
Innovation Centre of WA
Suite 1, Enterprise Unit 3
9 De Laeter Way

Join us for the third event in our LESANZ WA Disruptive Technology series to consider the possibilities of emerging and disruptive technologies that challenge accepted technology and business practices and open up exciting new market and commercialisation opportunities.
Graphene - a one atom thick honeycomb lattice of carbon, has a unique combination of exceptional properties, including extreme mechanical strength and elasticity, superb electrical and thermal conductibility, optical transparency, total impermeability to gases, all whilst weighing almost nothing.

Such an impressive list of qualities surely makes graphene extremely attractive for numerous applications. But now that we have graphene, what do we do with it? Have enough technical advances been made to make its use economically feasible or are the possibilities of graphene limited only by the boundaries of imagination? Are the combined unique qualities of graphene enough to make it the next game changing technology? Or is graphene destined to prove hype over reality?

Speaker: Mark Thompson, the founder and Managing Director of ASX-listed Talga Resources, an emerging high tech materials company aiming to become a global leader in graphene supply, promises a commercially informed, passionate and sometimes irreverent discussion on the commercial landscape and future of graphene.
Mark has over 20 years¹ experience in the mineral industry. In 2011 he led Talga to Sweden, to discover the highest grade graphite resource in the world. Since then has managed development to enable bulk scale production of graphene in a ground breaking and extremely cost effective way. The graphene produced is of a high quality and suitable for a range of large volume composite, additive and technology applications.

Mark is a member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists, the Society of Economic Geologists, and is Guest Professor of Mineral Exploration Technology at Chengdu University of Technology and Southwest University of Science and Technology in China.

LESANZ once again acknowledges the generous support of the WA Department of Commerce in making this event happen and bringing disruptive technologies to the forefront of the public domain.

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