Governor’s Prayer Breakfast: Hope Foundation CEO Bronwen Healy

Event Date: 
22 August 2014
Burswood Convention Centre


This year the breakfast will feature Bronwen Healy, the Chief Executive Officer of the Hope Foundation. 

Below is a short bio on Bronwen:

As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Hope Foundation, Bronwen Healy has established a ministry dedicated to helping women wanting to be free from addiction and prostitution. After trying heroin ‘just once’ whilst she was at university, within three weeks the former private school girl found herself using the drug daily.  From there, her life spiralled downwards until she found herself, in her own words, becoming a ‘down in the gutter’ heroin-addicted-prostitute. Bronwen found deliverance and grace through the message of Christ.  After writing her first book, “Trophy of Grace”, she established the Hope Foundation to help other women caught in the drugs and prostitution lifestyle to transform their lives. Since then, Bronwen has dedicated herself to the service of others, providing love, guidance and practical support. Apart from her busy round of fundraising, events and counselling, Bronwen’s pride and joy in the Hope Haven, a safe and welcoming place for women seeking a fresh start. As a community leader, mentor, motivational speaker, author and mother of three, Bronwen knows the power of the Gospel of Christ to bring about real and lasting change in the lives of the women to whom she now ministers. Her story will undoubtedly challenge and inspire all of us.



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