Governance and Risk Management Masterclass

Event Date: 
24 March 2015
Governance Institute of Australia Seminar Room
Ground Floor, 8 Victoria Avenue

It is good governance for an entity to ensure that all directors and senior executives have a shared understanding of risk, which is the effect of uncertainty on an entity achieving its strategic objectives and maintaining its long-term viability and reputation.

Governance Institute’s current and topical one-day Masterclass is ideal for senior executives and managers with responsibility for risk management functions, who want to study the discipline from leaders at the forefront of their field. It is also highly relevant for governance practitioners seeking to broaden their risk management skills.

Your attendance will ensure you have the confidence to use acquired knowledge to anticipate critical risk scenarios, adapt and respond to a dynamic real-world environment, and protect your organisation’s most important assets. This Masterclass promises you the opportunity to network with other risk management and governance professionals which may help you to obtain a competitive edge in a field that is constantly growing and changing.

Topics include:
* Strategic risk planning: are there gaps in your risk map?
* Risk appetite.
* Creating a risk-aware culture.
* Emerging risks.
* Evolving risks and latest developments.
* Risk assessment techniques — a more holistic approach.
* Organisational resilience and risk management.

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