Governance and Risk Management Forum 2018

Event Date: 
21 May 2018 to 22 May 2018
Parmelia Hilton
14 Mill Street

Strategy. Culture. Technology.

Come together with like-minded professionals and address the latest issues shaping the governance and risk management landscape — aligning people and process within a framework of strategy, culture and technology.

Our expert speakers will equip you with market-leading knowledge and skills to help you tackle the challenges that you face in your role.

Program overview:
- The future of work : There is a profound transformation in the way we work. What then is the consequent evolution of governance thinking, standards and practice?
- Economic update : National and global economic trends and indicators for 2018 - laying out the contexts and conditions in the immediate 12 months for investment, innovation and growth and structural changes impacting business
- Blockchain and the possibilities of democratisation : The promise of blockchain and its potential for productivity, efficiency and value and the challenges and opportunities for governance, risk management and business value
- Reinforcing culture in a climate of low trust : Translating organisational culture into relevant and resonant behaviours and outcomes, and analysing real impact on organisational function, productivity and value
- Optimising board function to deliver effective governance and organisational performance : Mechanisms to assess board function and effectiveness, and how company secretaries and supporting managers can provide the insights and organisational contexts to inform board function and drive performance
- A practical guide to stakeholder engagement in a connected business universe : Practical strategies to prepare companies for effective stakeholder engagement and inbuilt mechanisms to manage ongoing transparent, agile and productive engagement
- 2017 Review and a look ahead at governance contexts for 2018-2019 : This session will be in three parts - the first is a review of 2017’s notable successes and failures and the implicit lessons for 2018-2019, followed by a look at the contexts for the year ahead, and finally some regulatory insights and a legal date

- The future of risk : When change is the only constant, then risk is around every corner. What are some of the key trends that will transform the nature of business and consequently reshape the strategy and scope of risk management?
- Climate change as a business risk : Mapping vulnerabilities and risks for operations, production, customers and supply chains, designing asset-level risk assessments and building a nimble and resilient, mitigation and adaptation plan
- Risk Culture : Defining and communicating risk culture for your organisation, assessing the level of maturity of risk culture and conduct risk, and laying out the roles and accountabilities from leadership through to every level of business
- Transforming risk management into an enabler for performance, innovation and growth : Excessive risk aversion in strategy and decision-making can be a deterrent for growth and innovation. How can Enterprise Risk Management deliver smarter and responsive risk taking for leveraging of growth opportunities?
- Critical elements for a cyber security framework : Attributes of a strong cyber security framework that resonates with the nature, scope and scale of your business across all domains - people, process and technology - while underpinning confidentiality, integrity, availability and agility of data
- Understanding risk maturity : Building a progressive and agile risk maturity model that focuses on strategic risk, clarifies risk appetite and proactively aligns risk profile, and exposure with strategy
- What the CRO is thinking about for 2018 : The most urgent issues exercising our CROs for the coming 12 months - innovation, regulation, geo-political and economic indicators, technology, compliance, resilience and sustainability

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