Good Strategy, Bad Strategy

Event Date: 
09 April 2015
Chik & Kent
Private Dining Area
413 Murray Street
Perth CBD

Three years ago Richard Rumelt wrote the book 'Good Strategy, Bad Strategy' to explain the differences between the two, how to spot ‘Bad Strategy’ and what makes ‘Good Strategy’ so powerful and so effective.

For the purpose of discussing, interpreting and devising strategy it is fundamentally important to understand the difference between good and bad strategy and how to foster better thinking, robust conclusions and pragmatic action.

Join Jacob Hammer for a presentation and discussion on ‘Good Strategy’ and ‘Bad Strategy’ on the 9th April at Chik & Kent in the Perth CBD for breakfast at 7:00am.

We will NOT be talking about SWOT, mission, vision, values, BHAGs, or any other buzzwords. This is about practical, insightful, deliberate and effective strategy to achieve the objectives your organisation needs to achieve.

We’ll be investigating recent public examples of good and bad strategy as well as discussing frameworks and techniques to use when approaching the development of business strategy. i.e When developing/reviewing business strategy where do you even start? What questions need to be asked?

This event is for anyone in charge of developing and executing on strategy in their organisation, whether it be business, consulting, government, not-for-profit or charity. Attendance is strictly limited to only 10 guests to provoke a robust environment for debate, questions and thought.

The cost is $40pp. Breakfast is included. Sign up here:

Jacob Hammer
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