Global Markets: Opportunities for WA Companies

Event Date: 
20 September 2013
Frasers Suites
Adelaide Terrace


Government of Western Australia
Department of State Development

Global Markets: Opportunities for WA Companies

Hear from our people 'on the ground' managing WA's network of overseas offices about global trade and investment
opportunities for your company. The Government of Western Australia operates international trade and investment
offices spanning the State's key trading regions: China, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, India, Europe and
the Middle East. Regional Directors from these offices will be in Perth on 20 September to provide the latest updates
on these markets, and highlight opportunities for Western Australian companies. If your business is exploring global
export options, you are invited to hear about current opportunities and learn some tips on doing business overseas
and overcoming challenges.

The Regional Directors will be available for one-on-one meetings to discuss specific opportunities for your company.

Presentation Program:

Time                                              Region                                 Speaker

9.00 - 9.30                                    Singapore                            John Osborn, Regional Director Singapore

9.30 - 10.00                                  China                                  Nathan Backhouse, Regional Director, China

10.00 - 10.30                                Indonesia                            Kellie-Jane Pritchard, Regional Director, Indonesia

10.30 - 11.00                                Japan                                  Craig Peacock, Commissioner, North Asia Agency

11.00 - 11.30                                Korea                                  Jean Ough, Regional Director South Korea

11.30 - 12.00                                India                                   Peter Forby, Regional Director, India

12.00 - 12.30                                Middle East & Africa            Pankaj Savara, Commissioner, Middle East & Africa


For more information and to register please contact: Stephanie Catchpole, Department of State Development

Ph: 08 9222 0406 or


WA Department of State Development
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