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Event Date: 
22 November 2016
ROCG Perth
Level 1
1109 Hay Street
West Perth

We will be hosting this important workshop presented by Debbie Mayo-Smith. Want to get more done in less time? Grow profit and delight clients? Then you mustn’t miss this workshop. ROCG Perth is hosting this important workshop presented by Debbie Mayo-Smith:
Want to get more done in less time? Grow profit and delight clients? Then you mustn’t miss this workshop.

Session One: Conquer Your Email Overload: Ease Your Pain. Enhance Your Gain

How much time do you waste in your inbox? Reading emails, answering them, forwarding, deleting and filing?
What many don’t know is by combining clever thinking with often ignored or (unknown) email features, you can save a phenomenal amount of time and become a master of communication, income generation, customer service and response.

Debbie Mayo-Smith wrote three books on Email. She will give you the answers to solve problems and significantly eliminate wasted time with email. This training is NOT just software how-tos. You can go to any computer training course for that!

It is the practical business application – specific business problems and the solution focus that makes it different. Not only will you view your inbox in a new light; with the knowledge they gain, you’ll be able to completely change and streamline email response to incoming enquiries; stay on top of business development AND improve customer relationship management. This session will cover Outlook (2007-2016; Gmail and Outlook for Mac’s)


How-to tips that remove those dreary time wasting repetitive actions
How to automatically sort, prioritise even answer incoming email
Timesaving ‘wow’ shortcuts for working within the program
Never retype again with clever creation of templates


Email programs can do more than correspondence.
How you turn contacts into a superb database
Amazing functions hidden within Contacts
Managing calendars and tasks better
Never letting the ball drop with clever use of Tasks
How to combine functions for even more dramatic time-saving
Importing and Exporting information between Outlook, Excel, client files


Just one tip alone can free up three to four working weeks for those burdened with overload
Reduced stress
Vastly improved communication and turnaround time.

Session Two: Smarter. Faster. Better. Cheaper.

A cornucopia of wonderful, simple tips and tricks on how to use everyday business tools better to achieve freasy (free and easy) gains in income, time management, and customer service.

Example of a few points we will cover include:

Social Media – what to spend time on; what is a waste; shortcuts; expert secrets.
Cloud Software – Using free Office 365 or Google Docs to speed processes; connect with clients; Improve communication and boost personal productivity
Smartphones/tablets – great time-saving business and personal productivity tips
Google – how to use its free programs; how to get a top Google ranking:
Email Communications and Database Marketing – top tips from the women who wrote three books on it


Significantly increased efficiency in office procedures and practices
New clients from improved communication
Delighted clients from easy to implement value adds.

Who is Debbie Mayo-Smith

Debbie is one of the most in-demand speakers and trainers in Australia and New Zealand and sits in the top 7% of speakers worldwide. As a media columnist as well as best-selling author of sixteen books, Debbie has sharpened the activity of over 1 million individuals around the world through her presentations, quick tip newsletters, articles, books, and videos.

You will love Debbie for her entertaining yet practical style as well as the business changing technology quick tips you’ll get. Known as Ms Productivity by the media; it’s not just for her work; Debbie is also a mother of six children including twins and triplets! If this busy parent can grow a successful international business with minimum resources; so can you. Come and learn the secrets to working smarter instead of constantly and harder.

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