From Truth to Power: Creating a commitment to change

Event Date: 
27 August 2014
UWA Club
Hackett Drive

Organisational culture is often considered to be one of the most important contributing factors towards an organisation’s ability to adapt, succeed and grow. Conversely, the embedment of culture into the myriad ways an organisation conducts its business and treats its employees, clients and the wider community means culture also contributes to ineffectual work practices and an inability of individuals and teams to change behaviours, values, beliefs, or assumptions.

The challenge of changing culture is one faced regularly by practitioners in the fields of change management, organisational development and organisational psychology. The numerous factors that contribute to culture means there is no ‘one’ right way to change culture, nor ‘one’ right way to measure success.

So how do we go about helping organisations to create a sustainable positive change in culture?

In this seminar, Mark Jeffrey, Director of ODG Solutions, will:
• examine current theories and practices for culture change projects,
• present case studies of culture change projects that he has been
involved in, and
• offer his advice and observations on creating effective culture change.

The seminar will conclude with a Q & A opportunity for attendees to ask questions about organisational culture and culture change, and to discuss their own experiences as practitioners in this area.

College of Organisational Psychologists WA
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