Free 3-Day Cryptocurrency Investing Secrets Workshop

Event Date: 
20 April 2018
Four Points by Sheraton
707 Wellington Street

What’s The Event Going To Cover ?

Over three days of free training, we will walk you step-by-step through the entire process of how to create multiple streams of income by investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. You'll get all the insiders-only instruction on how to invest in Cryptocurrency by a team of professionals that will help you get results fast . You will also get the exact blueprints and strategies you need to succeed!

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In this FREE 3-day workshop, Aden and Ben will show you:

• How to Quickly Get Started Investing in Crypto Currency, The Safe And Easy Way - You may be asking yourself; How do I even buy bitcoin or cryptocurrency? How do I get started in this space? Where do I go? What do I need to have? How do I store Cryptos safely? Once I buy them, what next? All these questions and more will be answered over the 3 days, leaving you with a clear and easy-to-follow path of what to do next.

• What Crypto Currency Is and How The Technology Around It Is Changing The World -You have heard bits and pieces about the space and while it sounds interesting, you would like to know more about the real life applications. We will show you, in easy-to-understand language, how this technology is changing the world as we know it and how you can get involved.

• How to create an investing strategy that suits your lifestyle and budget - While some people are active investors, others prefer a more passive approach. We will show you multiple proven investment strategies that you can adopt to suit your lifestyle and budget.

• How to Avoid The Big Mistakes That Most People Make When They Get Started - A lot of new people in the crypto space are just out there throwing money around with no real plan or strategy to follow. And while some of them might do ok for a little while, it is just a matter of time before it all comes crashing down. We will show how to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes a lot of investors are currently making so you can make educated and profitable investment decisions

• Easy Proven Systems And Strategies To Invest With Confidence - We want you to enjoy the comfort of a good night's sleep, not waking up at 2am to see what the market is doing. We will be sharing with you the proven investment systems that you can follow, that allow us to make money while we sleep, very comfortably

• How To Invest Wisely No Matter What The Market Is Doing - Don't be a slave to the market, we will show you how to have multiple strategies that produce multiple streams of income whether the market is going up, down or side-wards

• How to avoid scams and ponzi schemes - Unfortunately, a lot of new crypto investors get caught up in scams and ponzi schemes. Usually due to no fault of their own, they are just too trusting. Like in any investing space, there are sharks out there. We will show you how to avoid becoming shark-bait and how you can navigate the crypto seas safely and securely.

• Discover The Secrets The Pros Use To Invest And Create Multiple Streams Of Income - We will share with you what we are doing in the market right now that is getting the best results. We will show you real life demonstrations of what is working and how you can adapt them into your investing

• Over three days, you'll get an up-to-the-minute update on hottest opportunities - This space is moving fast, everyday there is a new opportunity just waiting to be realised. We will share with you what is currently working and how you can get awesome results.

And So Much More...

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