Forums@4: Jandakot & City of Cockburn

Event Date: 
22 August 2012
Central Park Theatrette
152-158 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA

It seems there is something happening in the south. Jandacot Airport has seen massive levels of new development, LandCorp have built a new industrial estate at Cockburn Commercial and Prime West have almost sold out of 60 lots at Phoenix Business Park. Further south there Henderson is also seeing some major development and Latitude 32 sales are starting.
Come and find out why this area of Perth is seeing so much focus and what the outlook is.


Leo Seward – Director of Property, Jandakot Airport Pty Ltd
Daniel Arndt – Director of Planning and Development, City of Cockburn
Julian Lodge – Chief Executive Officer, Primewest

Australian Property Institute
(08) 9474 2784
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