Financial Toolbox Series: Get to Know Your Taxes (Workshop 3)

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14 November 2016
Chartered Accountants ANZ
Level 11, 2 Mill Street

AmCham's Women in Leadership group, Chartered Accountants ANZ and Australian Institute of Company Directors are joining forces to deliver a Financial Tool Box series.

The aim of the workshops is to equip women with greater financial power through knowledge.

According to Roy Morgan research, a typical Australian woman holds barely more than half the superannuation savings of a man, and retires with a third less savings than her male friends. Women under 35 have little over half the average assets of their male counterparts, and the disparity in wealth between the genders across all age groups continues to grow. This limits women’s life choices and makes many women in violent or abusive relationships financially vulnerable.

The Women’s Financial Tool Box series will provide enjoyable, interactive and independent workshops, facilitated by some of Perth’s leading financial experts, to give you the tools you need to set yourself up financially and protect yourself into the future.

PART 1: Build Yourself Up

The first part of this two-part series focuses on how to build yourself up. By this, we mean how to get ahead of your own finances, take control of your spending and saving, and how to recognise and avoid common pitfalls. We will equip you with the financial knowledge and skills you need to become financially independent and in control. Our three workshop sessions will focus on a different aspect of your finances.

Each of our workshop sessions will commence with a presentation from a keynote expert, then will be followed by a discussion session that will see a number of skilled specialists assisting participants by giving focused pointers and answering specific questions to smaller tables of attendees, moving around the room at regular intervals.

Get to Know Your Taxes

Tax time. It’s either highly anticipated or a dreaded nightmare depending on how organised you are, and depending on how well-versed you are in knowing where you stand for tax claims. What should the average person be aware of when considering their financial position and the taxes they pay? Are they missing out on claims or deductions? What should people consider when putting together their tax return, or claiming deductions for expenses?

Our keynote presenters for this workshop are:

Lisa Hando FCA is a Partner in Tax at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Lisa leads the Perth People & Organisation team and has over 20 years’ experience in providing specialist tax advice to a wide cross-section of clients. The range of advice covers Immigration, Employment Tax, Employment Law, Individual tax and People & Change consulting. Lisa is also a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and on the Perth committee for the Forum for Expatriate Management.

Elyssa Harris CA is Director Private Clients, at PwC. Elyssa has 14 years’ experience as a trusted business advisor, working with privately owned business, wealthy family groups and large corporates. Her skills vary from assisting clients with structuring with the aim of minimising tax and protecting assets, to ensuring clients meet their financial reporting and taxation compliance obligations.

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