Evening: The Secrets of Engaged and Accountable Employees

Event Date: 
06 October 2015
Fraser Suites, Perth

Coming all the way from Toronto, Chris Taylor of Actionable Books is coming to Perth to share the secrets of building an Engaged and Accountable workforce.

The shifting economic conditions in Perth provide a textbook scenario for a climate of fear to set in. The research is clear, as job security declines, productivity tumbles. While it would be logical to assume that in a less secure environment, people would be motivated to perform, we know that the opposite occurs; people become fearful and rather than focussing on the work, people's attention turns to themselves and their security.

Join Chris and Aileen on 6 Oct 2015 for either breakfast or evening refreshments , and you'll
1) discover what people are seeking and how to keep them naturally engaged
2) see a tested and proven system to build accountability in an organisation
3) learn how to use your existing business initiatives to develop leaders
4) discover the key habits needed to create an engaged and accountable culture
5) discover how to take great conversations and make them actionable
6) either start or finish an otherwise mundane Tuesday with a fun event an inspiration
7) meet some like-minded and very awesome people in a casual networking environment

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