Enhancing Mindfulness in Organisations

Event Date: 
14 September 2016
UWA Club
Hackett Drive

In 2016, more is demanded of us than ever before and we are expected to respond to these demands in dramatically shorter timeframes and with fewer resources. With such increased pressures, it is difficult to remain present, calm and centred, able to respond effectively and creatively. Instead, we are at great risk of reacting: misperceiving and misconceiv-ing, resulting in tensions, arguments, stress and depression.
As we try to attend to more with less so we become busier in our minds. We are often unaware of this chatter that with time becomes a habit. We begin to think it’s normal. Few of us know how to be truly happy or how to access peace with ourselves and our circumstances.
This workshop will address some of these issues, and:
 Briefly outline the theory of Mindfulness … Naomi’s version of it.
 Outline the benefits of Mindfulness in the business setting.
 Provide some tangible applications for enhancing Mindfulness in the workplace,
 In meetings,
 For individuals,
 In Coaching.
 Provide some anecdotal examples of how Mindfulness and coaching has helped transform stressed overwhelmed & reactive staff to become happy and effective employees.
Please note that this will be an experiential workshop, providing you with an opportunity to practice Mindfulness, not just listen to a talk about it.

Naomi Bickley - Clinical Psychologist & Executive Coach.
M Clinical Psychology (Curtin University), BSc (Hons Psychology) (UWA), MAPS, MICP, MAIM.
Naomi Bickley is a highly respected executive coach and facilitator in the areas of leadership, professional development, team alignment, positive psychology and
mindfulness. Her corporate work has included facilitating team workshops and coaching with executives and high potential managers from a wide range of private and public sectors.
In 1999, Naomi established a clinical and coaching psychology practice in West Perth and is a facilitator/coach for UWA Business School-AIM Executive ducation, WhyteCo. (Sydney). She has been a MBA and Executive MBA adjunct lecturer at the University of WA, and a coach & facilitator for the AGSM & Mt Eliza Executive Education/Melbourne Business School. She has been practicing mindfulness for about 18 years (and hopes to get it right soon).

WA College of Organisational Psychologists
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