Employment Karma Briefing

Event Date: 
28 November 2017
Governance Institute of Australia
Ground Floor, 8 Victoria Avenue

The single most important resource any company has is its people. The theory of Employment Karma demonstrates how sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest eventual impacts when it comes to recruiting and retaining the best talent.

Have you ever recruited for a role, but come away with the feeling that perhaps you missed out on the best possible candidate for it?
Have you ever lost a great employee and wondered “what if” when it came to their reasons for resigning?
Have you ever wondered why you keep losing your best employees and yet the lower performing ones never seem to go?
Nothing ever happens in an employee’s time with an organisation by chance.

Learn how to become an ‘Employer of Choice’ in your sector, thus securing and retaining the best potential employees and even more importantly, increasing your corporate productivity as a result.

Other areas the presentation will cover include:
- The productivity cost of recruitment and how to enhance it
- Attaining the right balance of employee churn
- How to measure your ‘Employee Asset Value’

Join us beforehand for a light networking lunch from 12:15pm.

James Fairbairn, Partner, Lester Blades

Governance Institute of Australia
08 9321 8777
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