Electricity Markets program

Event Date: 
22 July 2013 to 24 July 2013
$2 200.00
Murdoch University
90 South Street

Delivered by the School of Engineering and Information Technology, this three and a half day program looks at the design, operation and emerging trends within the electricity industry in Australia, from engineering, economic, environmental, regulatory and policy perspectives. It covers the following major themes:

Articulate the principles underlying electricity industry restructuring in Australia and in other jurisdictions.
Appreciate and explain the complexities of ensuring resource adequacy within a restructured electricity industry.
Explain how gross and net pool models for electricity trading are structured and how they operate in practice.
Describe the issues involved in integrating renewable energy into electricity grids and provide insight into possible ways of addressing existing barriers.
Appreciate the impact of wind energy penetration in the National Electricity Market and discuss strategies to manage it.
Reconcile electricity industry restructuring with sustainability.
Outline how to manage risks in the energy industry.
Define the role of financial instruments in competitive electricity industries as well as be able to undertake basic derivative market calculations.
Describe transmission network planning and pricing in a competitive electricity industry.
Understand and explain how electricity spot prices are calculated.
You will be invited to participate in discussion forums on current and future issues and directions for electricity industry in Australia, informed by current theory, practice and case studies.

Who should attend
Economists, engineers, lawyers, policy analysts and regulators who work in or with the electricity industry will be provided with an up to date, expert perspective on the Australian experience benchmarked against trends in European and North American electricity markets.

Meet the Facilitator - Hugh Outhred
Hugh Outhred is a Senior Visiting Fellow, University of New South Wales and Managing Director, Ipen Pty Ltd. Hugh’s research interests include electricity industry organisation and regulation, as well as new technologies for electricity production and use.

Hugh has held visiting positions at a number of institutions, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Energy Authority of NSW, University of California Berkeley and Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid. He has also worked as a consultant to governments and industry on electricity industry organisation and regulation, electricity pricing, renewable energy, energy efficiency and improving the sustainability of the electricity industry.

Hugh was Director of the Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets at UNSW between 2004 and 2007.

Further information
For further information on this program, please contact Adam McHugh: or +61 8 9360 6598 (Murdoch University School of Engineering and Information Technology) or register online at

Murdoch University's Executive Education Centre
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