Eduniversal World Convention

Event Date: 
28 November 2016 to 01 December 2016
Curtin Business School

The four-day event, punctuated by conferences, debates, round tables, informal meetings and cultural activities, will be held at Perth’s Curtin Business School. In one of the conferences, to be moderated by Kelly Ralston, General Manager, International Education, Austrade and Phil Honeywood, CEO, IEAA (International Education Association of Australia), the spotlight will be shone on the Australian National Strategy for International Education 2025, released by the government in April 2016. Covering the key issues of Australia’s ambition to realise the full potential of international education as a core element of its economy and society, the presentation will focus on how new products and new opportunities for expansion can be lessons for other countries.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Tony Travaglione of Curtin Business School said: “The Eduniversal World Convention is a unique opportunity for Australian business schools to network among our international peers and gain extensive knowledge and insight from other business schools in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia. The Eduniversal World Convention will facilitate networking opportunities with the aim of building new relationships so we can solidify Australia’s reputation for excellence in the education sector.”


International business school rankings 2016

One of the purposes of the convention is to announce the 2016 Eduniversal Business School Rankings, which includes institutions from 154 countries.

Cecile Escape, Managing Director of Eduniversal, said: “We are delighted to be able to reveal Eduniversal’s latest business school rankings at our ninth annual convention in Perth, home to some of Australia’s leading universities. We want this convention to highlight Australia’s importance as a destination for overseas students and I hope the new ranking will reflect that. The presence at the convention of such prestigious institutions as the University of Sydney Business School will also help us to reinforce this reputation.”


Australia Higher Education Partnership Fair

Another feature of this year’s Eduniversal World Convention is the Australia Higher Education Partnership Fair, the goal of which is to bring Australian and other international education leaders together to learn about the possibilities for developing institutional partnerships. Held in parallel will be the Eduniversal Innovative Higher Education Solutions Lab, composed of different open learning spaces in which schools and companies meet to share their experience and best practices around the following five subjects: Consulting & Rankings, PR & Media Relations, Students Recruitment, Digital education, Alumni/Career services, and International partnerships.

Previous conventions have taken place in Western Europe (Paris, France), Africa (Cape Town, South Africa), Eastern Europe (Prague, Czech Republic), Far East Asia (Shanghai, China), Latin America (Lima, Peru), Central Asia (Bangalore, India), Eurasia and Middle East (Istanbul, Turkey) and North America (Boston, USA).

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