Does Your Gender Determine Your Risk When Travelling?

Event Date: 
13 September 2013


Thousands of Australians travel overseas for business each week, some of which
will face a medical or security issue. In an open webinar on Friday, International SOS
experts will look at whether men or women are the more risky business travellers.

International SOS Assistance Centres received nearly 5 million calls for medical or security
advice or assistance last year. Through case data analysis our experts have determined
the most common incidents for women and those for men, with surprising results.

"Personal safety advice is often directed at women and young people when it comes to
travelling overseas, but men travelling for business can just as easily find themselves in trouble,"
International SOS Regional Security Director, Simon Francis said.

"Understanding how men and how women are targeted by criminals is critical to preventing it
happening to you. Equally important is knowing specific risks in particular situations, like what
a bystander can learn about you in the two minutes it takes to check in to your hotel," he said.

These issues, as well as health matters relating to drinking local alcohol, engaging in sexual
activities, cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments will be covered in the panel discussion by
medical and security experts from International SOS.

Simon Francis is available for comment. Please call Sara
Duddy +61 400 679 993.

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