District32 Speed Networking Event - The Breakwater, Hillarys

Event Date: 
24 May 2019
The Breakwater, Hillarys
58 Southside Drive

Accelerate your business contacts...

What is Speed Networking?
Speed networking is designed to accelerate business contacts through facilitated introductions and conversations – at speed. A common structure is to rotate all participants in quick succession so that each person gets the chance to engage one-on-one with as many people as possible. For each rotation, you have a set time – generally 1-2 minutes each – to introduce yourself and learn more about the other person, making speed networking highly efficient.

07:30 Open networking & coffee
08:00 Sit down - breakfast served
08:25 Introduction D32
08:35 Sponsor Showcase
08:45 Speed Networking
09:30 Close

Be Pitch Ready. Prepare your pitch summarising key elements of your business. Know what you want to convey about yourself and your business. Keep it brief and memorable.

Make sure you know what to ask the other person. Your message, as well as the questions you ask, should be aligned with your objectives and the outcomes you want to achieve from the event.

Be Remembered. Bring your business cards and a pen. You only have limited time with each person so you want to be sure that you can give them your contact details, including a link to your company website.

If you meet someone you’d like to do business with, or keep as an active connection, make sure you clearly indicate that you would like to talk further. And then follow through. Give them a call or send them an email after the event. Set-up a meeting over coffee. Follow-up is crucial in building your relationship with your new connection.

Booking Link:

0439 522 640